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Traveller B2 Teacher Book H Q Mitchell Rapidshare

Traveller B2 Teacher Book H Q Mitchell Rapidshare

Traveller is an exciting seven-level course for teenage and young adult learners, that takes them from Beginner to Advanced level. It follows the requirements of the Common European Framework of Reference, the modular approach and is organised into 8 topic-based modules. The course features motivating and contemporary topics, lively dialogues, an integrated approach to the development of the four skills, special emphasis on vocabulary building, grammar presented and practised in context, systematic development of reading and listening skills and subskills, a variety of communicative tasks, a step-by-step approach to writing, activities encouraging critical thinking and personal response, practical tips helping students to become autonomous learners, a round-up section in each module providing regular revision and consolidation, a grammar reference section, culture / cross-curricular pages with web links and songs.


The Traveller B2 Teacher Book is a comprehensive guide for teachers who want to use the Traveller B2 course with their students. It contains detailed lesson plans, answer keys, extra activities, tests, photocopiable material and audio scripts. The Traveller B2 Teacher Book is designed to help teachers make the most of the Traveller B2 course and provide a rich and enjoyable learning experience for their students.

However, the Traveller B2 Teacher Book is not easily accessible for many teachers who want to use it. The book is published by MM Publications, a Greek company that specializes in English language teaching materials. The book is not widely distributed in other countries and may be expensive or out of stock for some teachers. Moreover, the book is not available in digital format and cannot be downloaded or printed from the internet.

That is why some teachers may resort to using Rapidshare, a file hosting service that allows users to upload and download files for free. Rapidshare was founded in 2002 and became one of the most popular file sharing platforms in the world. However, Rapidshare also faced legal issues and criticism for hosting illegal or pirated content, such as movies, music, software and books. In 2015, Rapidshare announced that it would shut down its service due to financial difficulties and lack of demand.

Therefore, using Rapidshare to download the Traveller B2 Teacher Book is not a reliable or ethical option for teachers who want to use the Traveller B2 course with their students. Not only is it illegal to download copyrighted material without permission from the author or publisher, but it also deprives them of their rightful income and recognition. Furthermore, using Rapidshare may expose teachers to malware or viruses that could harm their computers or devices. Additionally, Rapidshare may not have the latest or complete version of the Traveller B2 Teacher Book and may contain errors or missing pages.

The best way for teachers to obtain the Traveller B2 Teacher Book is to buy it from a reputable online or offline bookstore that sells MM Publications products. Alternatively, teachers can contact MM Publications directly and request a copy of the Traveller B2 Teacher Book or a digital version of it if available. By doing so, teachers can support the author and publisher of the Traveller B2 course and ensure that they receive a high-quality and authentic product that will enhance their teaching and learning experience.


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