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Cobol Compiler Windows 7 Download

cobol compiler is a integrated development environment (ide) that can be used with other languages. cobol compiler allows you to write, compile, debug, and run (execute) your cobol programs. it also provides a compatibility mode for several other languages that work with the same cobol compiler.

cobol compiler windows 7 download


hello friends, this is my first post in this forum, so i just have to introduce myself. i am a software engineer, and i am interested in computer science. i started with html, and then i studied a little of css, so i am eager to learn the c programming language and the c compiler. my goal is to learn a programming language to perform a simple task, but i cannot find what i am looking for. i want to work with data, i am not interested in programs that can run on a computer, i want to use the computer to run a program that runs on another computer (a network). so, i am looking for a way to compile c code and produce an executable on my windows 7 computer. then i can open the executable file on my computer and execute it. i dont want to know how to write the program, i just want to know what i have to do to run it. the last time i worked with a c compiler was a long time ago when i used dos, i used turbo c. turbo c has a very interesting syntax, but i dont remember how to make an executable file. i am also interested in ruby, but in this forum i found only one topic on it. so, if someone has something to tell me, i would be very grateful. thank you very much for reading my post, i hope i have made my goal clear. i forgot to add that i am a beginner in programming and i want to learn c. i dont want to learn how to make a program, i want to know what i have to do to run a program. i am a beginner in programming, i dont know what the word learning means. and i dont have any computer or anything. i dont know how to do any of this, but i am eager to learn.


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