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Michael Oakley - Here Comes The Night

Here comes the night where we become loversWhen our souls entwined you'll finally discover thatAll the angels cry when they hear our songCome to me now we'll take this love higherWhen we masquerade we shine so much brighter thanA million stars all shooting through the sky

Michael Oakley - Here Comes The Night

Sometimes I get this feeling, it comes and goesWonder what my life would be with you hereBut I'll never knowCause it's cold on the outsideI'll spend my whole life waiting for one more chanceMy arms are reaching to hold you and join in the danceOr are we crystal ships just passing by?

So I'm hanging to a night sceneIn the town that we both carved outTraced our idols from the big screenBut now the picture's losing soundOh your voice fills my headCan you tell me where you've runCause the lonely street lights hold no answersOn what this world's become without youRunning every risk to claim ourselvesTaking chances like nobody else

The Police Chief has apologized directly to the reporter involved and expressed his sincere regret for his actions on Thursday night. There was no justification for contacting the reporter in this way and the Chief understands that the more appropriate response to his concerns about inaccurate statements in the article should have been to wait until the following day and make contact by phone or email. The Chief has acknowledged his lapse in judgment and assured me that nothing like this will happen again.

He's in his suite at the Bobcats' arena, just before tip-off of another loss, annoyed that one of his players is talking to the opponents. Tonight he's going to sit on the bench, to send a message that the boss is watching. He used to sit there a lot, but he got a few phone calls from NBA commissioner David Stern telling him to chill with the screaming at officials. Mostly he watches in private, for good reason. Once, when he was an executive with the Washington Wizards, mad at how the team was playing, he hurled a beer can at his office television, then launched whatever he could find after it, a fusillade of workplace missiles. Now, 10 years later, he mostly just yells.

I usually have a [party], every Labor Day weekend, for seven years in a row, right? People come in from Chicago, Detroit, New York. So we have an activity weekend. And I had a club [I liked] called Togo. So, basically we would meet at Togo for happy hour, and then we would go downtown to the Mirage. But [in 2004] because flights were delayed, this and that, I picked a couple people up and we went down to the Mirage. So I'm just relaxing, having a good time. This guy comes over and says, "I need to talk to you tonight."

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