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[Malaysian Movie] Munafik ((HOT))

After four days of screening, the movie managed to collect RM2.3 million[14] before increased to RM3 million on the fifth day.[15] The proceeds increased to RM4.3 million after a week of screening.[16] The gross increased to RM8.5 million after eleven days.[17] The proceeds rose to RM11 million after two weeks.[18] Entering the eighteenth day, the collection reached RM12.97 million.[19] The movie gross was increased to RM17 million on day twenty-six[20] with total of RM17.04 million in its final theatrical run.[21]

[Malaysian Movie] Munafik

While Dukun is only loosely based on the spine-chilling murderer Mona Fandey, the film had Malaysians shivering with anticipation, with horror movie buffs more than eager to catch the controversial movie.

The movie tells the story of Meriam, a beautiful prima donna who captivated the hearts of many when she was still alive. However, she was stabbed in the stomach while pregnant, and since then, has turned into a restless spirit to torment those who killed her.

Seru (2011) is a familiar story of a production crew filming a horror movie, then gets haunted in return. In this case, the star-studded cast comprising Nora Danish, Awal Ashaari, and more, play a production crew who experience creepy disturbances in the midst of their movie shoot.

In the movie, host Shima, played by Shima Anuar, and her crew want to produce a paranormal documentary. Picking the Highland Tower as the subject of their documentary, they set out to shoot with their cameras and equipment. Little do they know, strange apparitions are being caught on their films.

Beginning with a Quran passage about Satan, Roh is a disquieting rural Malaysian horror tale rooted in folklore and superstitions that explores the role of the devil in the context of a religious and spiritual society. The movie follows an isolated family living in a barren hut deep in the jungle who meet with a series of frightening supernatural incidents after taking in a little girl lost in the forest.

It would be better if both fans and naysayers alike take the lesson of the movie to heart and improve their faith, as opposed to moral policing and criticizing each other. Only then will the purpose of the film be fulfilled and its box office success more justified.

It was reported that an individual, Muhammad Izwan Shah, had shared the movie on his Facebook and Instagram account. The uploaded movie was then shared across multiple sites for free viewing. This was an offence under Section 4(1) of the Copyright Act 1987.

Munafik 2 is a Malaysian supernatural horror movie directed by, co-produced by, written by, and starring Syamsul Yusof. It premiered in Malaysia on May 30, 2018, then it premiered in Indonesia on September 26, 2018. It is the second installment of the Munafik.

Two years after the first movie, the sequel explores the life of Ustaz Adam (played by Syamsul Yusof) as he continues his responsibility to heal people affected by black magic and jins. His faith is tested when he helps a single mum Sakinah (Maya Karin), from the evil of a preacher named Abu Jar (played by Nasir Bilal Khan), who uses black magic to destroy anyone who does not obey his teachings.

Starring big names such as Awie, Zul Ariffin and Uqasha Senrose, Hantu Kak Limah is a Malaysian horror comedy film directed by the late Mamat Khalid, who also wrote the first big-budget 2004 Malaysian movie Puteri Gunung Ledang too. With a budget of RM1.2 million, the rib-tickling movie earned RM36.2 million at the box office.

After the astounding success revolving around Polis Evo, Shaheizy Sam and Zizan Razak reprised their roles as Inspector Sani and Khai. The movie follows the duo and their team as they pursue extremist religious leader Hafsyam Jauhari (played by Hasnut Rahmat) and cult members. The latter have invaded a remote island and taken hostages.

Mehmet Mustar, Turkey, 1953 WATCH IT ON: This classic Dracula movie - which follows the Bram Stoker novel closely, but moves the action to Istanbul. One of the first movies to give the vampire fangs. Great, atmospheric scenes shot in early 50s Istanbul.

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Horror films have a special place in audiences' hearts around the world. In Hollywood, characters like Freddy Krueger and Ghostface are synonymous with the genre. Meanwhile, Southeast Asia's horror icons are homegrown ghosts and monsters, from vengeful spirits to the undead fully wrapped in white cloth. The most terrifying and successful horror movies from Southeast Asia typically dive into folklore, making the thrills much closer to home for locals and delivering inimitable dread for worldwide audiences.

Recently, the cinema of Southeast Asia has witnessed an emergence of great, popular scary movies. Local horror films in Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia have set box office records, beating major Hollywood releases. This only solidifies the genre as arguably the most popular in the region. Films like Joko Anwar's Impetigoreand Emir Ezwan's Soulhave been officially submitted to the Academy Awards, cementing the importance of horror in Southeast Asia. With streaming services like Netflix and Shudder acquiring more international films, it has never been easier to watch these scare-fests at home in time for Halloween.

And like Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam, Munafik also became a sort of Malaysian horror movie franchise, with sequels Munafik 2 (2018) and Munafik 3 (to be released in 2020). Director Syamsul Yusof claims that he always wanted to make Munafik into a trilogy ever since he created the first film in 2016.

Although Dukun was said to be based off a true to life murder case, the story takes creative liberties with how it tells it. Many think of Dukun as a lost treasure, a movie that was preserved over time and has aged like fine wine.


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