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CRACK Cadence Orcad Allegro 16.6

Cadence Orcad Allegro 16.6: A Powerful PCB Design Solution

PCB design is a complex and challenging task that requires a lot of skill and expertise. PCB designers need to deal with various aspects such as schematic capture, layout, routing, signal integrity, power integrity, manufacturing, and collaboration. To achieve optimal results, PCB designers need a comprehensive and integrated solution that can handle all these aspects efficiently and effectively.

CRACK Cadence Orcad Allegro 16.6

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One such solution is Cadence Orcad Allegro 16.6, a suite of tools that offers numerous new features and enhancements that make it easy to design PCBs, from the simplest to the most complex. Cadence Orcad Allegro 16.6 is composed of several products, such as:

  • Allegro Design Authoring, which provides schematic capture and design entry capabilities for PCB design.

  • Allegro Design Workbench, which provides work-in-progress design data management and collaboration environment using Microsoft SharePoint 2010 or PTC Windchill.

  • Allegro FPGA System Planner, which provides FPGA pin assignment and optimization capabilities within Allegro PCB Editor.

  • Allegro PCB Designer, which provides layout and routing capabilities for PCB design.

  • Allegro PCB RF Option, which provides RF-specific features and functionality for PCB design.

  • Allegro PCB SI, which provides signal integrity analysis and verification capabilities for PCB design.

Some of the highlights of Cadence Orcad Allegro 16.6 are:

  • FPGA Planning Mode, which allows users to perform auto-interactive pin-swap for FPGAs within Allegro PCB Editor using Allegro FPGA System Planner under-the-hood. This feature can help users to optimize FPGA pin assignment and reduce routing congestion and complexity.

  • Auto-interactive Route Delay Tuning, which allows users to accelerate timing closure on critical high-speed signals by 30-50%. This feature can help users to achieve optimal signal quality and performance by automatically adjusting trace lengths and shapes to meet target delay values.

  • Interactive3D Engine, which allows users to view and plot 3D models of their PCB designs using the Allegro Physical Viewer. This feature can help users to visualize their designs in realistic scenarios and identify potential issues such as collisions, clearances, and interferences.

  • Support for EDMD Schema (IDX) Version 2.0, which allows users to exchange design data with mechanical CAD tools using the IDX format. This feature can help users to improve collaboration and coordination with mechanical engineers and ensure design consistency across domains.

  • Support for Additional FPGA Architectures, which allows users to work with the latest FPGA devices from Actel, Altera, and Xilinx. This feature can help users to leverage the advanced capabilities and features of these FPGA devices in their designs.

Cadence Orcad Allegro 16.6 is a powerful PCB design solution that can help users to create high-quality and high-performance PCBs in a fast and efficient manner. Cadence Orcad Allegro 16.6 is available for download from the Cadence website. Users can also access the Allegro Starter Library, which provides schematic symbols, footprints, and properties for common components. For more information about Cadence Orcad Allegro 16.6, users can visit the Cadence website or contact Cadence support.

I hope this article was helpful for you. If you have any questions or feedback, please let me know.


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