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Virumandi full movie hd 1080p

Virumandi is a 2004 Tamil-language action drama film written, directed and starring Kamal Haasan in the title role. The film revolves around a reporter who interviews two death row inmates, Virumandi and Kothala, and learns that Virumandi is innocent of the crime he is accused of. The film explores the themes of justice, truth, violence and revenge in a rural setting.

Plot summary

The film begins with Angela Kathamuthu (Rohini), a human rights activist and a documentary filmmaker, who is researching the death penalty in India. She visits the Central Jail in Chennai, where she meets the jailer (Nassar) and requests to interview two inmates, Virumandi Thevar (Kamal Haasan) and Kothala Thevar (Pasupathy), who are both sentenced to death for a massacre that took place in their village. The jailer warns her that both of them have different versions of the same story, and that she should be careful about whom to believe.


Angela first interviews Kothala, who claims that he is a peace-loving man who tried to stop the violence between his clan and Virumandi's clan. He says that Virumandi is a violent and lustful man who killed his wife Annalakshmi (Abhirami) and many others in his clan. He also accuses Virumandi of raping Angela's assistant Gopikumar (Sukumar), who was killed by Virumandi's men. Kothala says that he was framed by Virumandi and his lawyer Vaidyanathan (Pyramid Natarajan), who bribed the witnesses and the judge to get him convicted.

Angela then interviews Virumandi, who tells a completely different story. He says that he is a brave and honest man who loved Annalakshmi, who was his cousin. He says that Kothala is a greedy and cunning man who wanted to marry Annalakshmi for her property. He says that Kothala instigated the violence between the clans by killing Virumandi's uncle Nallama Naicker (Napoleon), who was the village headman. He also says that Kothala hired a gangster named Rasu (Bala Singh) to kill Annalakshmi and frame him for it. He says that he was betrayed by his lawyer Vaidyanathan, who switched sides and joined Kothala.

Angela is confused by the contradictory stories, but she finds some clues that suggest that Virumandi is telling the truth. She also learns that Virumandi has a hidden camera in his cell, which he used to record his confession. She decides to expose the truth and save Virumandi from execution. However, she faces many obstacles from the corrupt system and the powerful Kothala. She also discovers that Virumandi has a secret plan of his own, which involves escaping from prison and taking revenge on Kothala.

Cast and crew



Director, writer, producer, actor (Virumandi)

Kamal Haasan

Actor (Kothala)


Actor (Angela)


Actor (Annalakshmi)


Actor (Nallama Naicker)


Actor (Jailer)


Actor (Vaidyanathan)

Pyramid Natarajan

Actor (Rasu)

Bala Singh

Reviews and ratings

Virumandi received critical acclaim and commercial success upon its release. The film was praised for its screenplay, direction, performances, music, cinematography and editing. The film was also appreciated for its realistic portrayal of the rural culture and the social issues of the death penalty and the justice system. The film was also controversial for its graphic violence and explicit language, which led to some censorship and protests. The film won several awards and nominations, including six National Film Awards and four Filmfare Awards South.

The film has an IMDb rating of 8.4 out of 10, based on over 6,000 user ratings. The film also has a 83% rating on JustWatch, based on over 15 streaming services. The film is available to watch online on Amazon Prime Video.


Virumandi is a masterpiece of Tamil cinema, which showcases the talent and vision of Kamal Haasan as a filmmaker and an actor. The film is a gripping and powerful story of love, betrayal, violence and revenge, which explores the complex themes of truth, justice and morality. The film is a must-watch for anyone who appreciates quality cinema and social commentary.


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