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Samsung Imagination Modern Font !FREE!

After we published our first article on fonts, The Finest 50 Hand Lettering Fonts, many of our readers reached out to us to show their gratitude for putting together a list of recommended fonts. So we decided to do a follow-up and give you a list of the best modern fonts out there.

Samsung Imagination Modern Font

Personality: With elongated, slim uppercases, Munich is an excellent font for logo design and headlines. It is modern, urban and highly legible. You may find some of its letters (like the N and H) reminiscent of the beautiful Art Deco font style.

Meet a futuristic font perfect for your projects like modern tech, outer space themes, movie logos, etc. Techno Space is a futuristic font that belongs to the sans-serif family of typefaces. It comes with standard spacing and can be optimized to any size.

Are you looking for a suitable font for your automotive, modern, and tech themes? Then, you should check out this font. Cyberion is a modern futuristic sans serif font with features like uppercase and lowercase characters, outline versions, punctuations, numerals, multilingual characters, and ligatures.

Presenting a modern font family that includes 14 fonts. Future X is a font created in an unusual and futuristic style with the possibility of combining both. This font includes both uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals, and punctuations.

Need a fun, vibrant, and futuristic font that will bring a modern feel to your designs? Then, you should check out this font. The Game is a futuristic font that includes color fonts, regular black fonts, PNG raster images- saved with transparent background, and SVG files- each letter saved separately.

Get a modern and futuristic sans serif font perfect for your headlines, posters, logos, branding visual identity, magazines, and so much more. Evolve is a futuristic font that includes ten fonts, five sans serif weights, and five weights with futuristic caps.

In addition, this font also comes with multilingual support, making it suitable for a wide range of projects, including poster design, logos, t-shirts, or anything that needs modern or futuristic looks.

Introducing a font that comes with a high-tech look with dash-dot style. Enigmatic is a modern futuristic font ideal for high-tech and space-related articles, technology expo posters, headlines, print materials, infographics, etc.

Science fiction has always been a medium for futuristic imagination and while different colored aliens and intergalactic travel are yet to be discovered, there is an array of technologies that are no longer figments of the imagination thanks to the world of science fiction. Some of the creative inventions that have appeared in family-favorite movies like "Back to the Future" and "Total Recall," are now at the forefront of modern technology. Here are a few of our favorite technologies that went from science fiction to reality. 350c69d7ab


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