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For The Love Of DILFs

In its first trailer, For the Love of DILFs follows several himbos and daddies living in a luxurious mansion together, looking for love between the two groups, and competing for $10,000 that they can invest in their new relationship. The trailer defines daddies as men who are confident, mature, and ready to show you the ropes and himbos as men who are sexy, fun, and ready to show you a good time and it looks all of these descriptors appear front and center in this upcoming show.

For the Love of DILFs


A new dating competition series where two groups of singles, Daddies and Himbos, come to an island looking for love. Both groups will live together, participate in spicy challenges and go on breathtaking dates. In the end, only one of the Daddy/Himbo couples will be named the winners and walk away with a cash prize to invest in their relationship.

For so long reality type dating shows like The Bachelor were all that existed and finding LGBTQ focused entertainment like this was limited. This new, fun, easy to watch reality TV show is refreshing, light hearted, exciting and now available for those of you who love DILFS.

Adelante: Did you make any special connections with the other contestants?Tony: Mr. South Africa, Shanon Kannigan is like one of my best friends now. He always kept me laughing. He was my best friend the entire time. He loves fashion and was not afraid to be himself. I made a connection with Jhapett Raymundo, Mr. Philippines who I found to be such a great person. We had somewhat of a language barrier between us, but he and I got to communicate them through song lyrics, we would sing songs together all day long.

From chaotic bisexual dating shows in the 2000s to attempts of making queer versions of The Bachelor to ensemble reality competitions where LGBTQ+ cast members tried to find love, there have been quite a few "creative" attempts at putting together dating shows for queer people. Even though some of these shows or storylines weren't taken as seriously as their straight counterparts, LGBTQ+ people have been looking for representation wherever they can find it.

One of the first major gay dating shows to happen on cable TV was 2016's Finding Prince Charming. This series from Logo TV featured Atlanta-based interior designer Robert Sepulveda Jr. as the lead, as well as eight contestants vying for his love and attention. Ultimately, Sepulveda chose Eric Leonardos as the winner, but their relationship didn't last long after the show.

After going through a very public breakup with his ex-boyfriend, social media influencer and reality TV star Bobby Lytes landed his own gay dating show titled Bobby I Love You, Purrr. The series featured 15 guys competing for Lytes' love... and let's just say that things got really messy along the way!

HBO Max's 12 Dates of Christmas was a truly groundbreaking LGBTQ+ dating show. On season one, the show featured three leads, one of whom was a gay man. Viewers then got to know all the love interests who came into the show to pursue a relationship with him. In season two, the three leads consisted of a straight man, a gay man, and a lesbian woman. This meant that two thirds of the entire cast consisted of LGBTQ+ love interests vying for either the gay lead or the lesbian lead. Unfortunately, HBO Max has completely deleted this TV show from its catalog.

Netflix's Who Likes My Follower? is a dating show from Spain that follows three successful social media influencers attempting to find love. Though this isn't as popular of a show as others due to language barriers, the series does include a lot of LGBTQ+ representation over the course of six episodes.

It was pretty groundbreaking for social media personality Tila Tequila to identify as bisexual back in the 2000s and land her very own bisexual dating show on MTV. On A Shot At Love, a total of 16 straight men and 16 lesbian women vied for Tequila's love. In subsequent years, Tequila went on to become a very problematic person and also denied ever being attracted to women in any way, claiming that she only did and said such things for the sake of A Shot At Love.

Hosted by Stormy Daniels, For the Love of DILFs is a show where two groups of gay men, classified as "Daddies" and "Himbos", competed for love. The first season premiered in January 2023, and a second season of the show has already been ordered by OUTtv and production company Daddy TV.

MTV's Love At First Lie featured quite a few LGBTQ+ couples. Namely, the cast included couples such as Stephanie & Arabella, Jake & Alfie, Tom & Steven, Fannie & Clove, and Jack & Joe. The premise of the show was for couples to spot which pair of lovers were actually "fake," all while actually going through the motions of being in a dating competition. 041b061a72


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