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Aussichten A1 Arbeitsbuch.pdf

Aussichten A1 Arbeitsbuch.pdf

Aussichten A1 Arbeitsbuch.pdf is a digital file that contains the workbook for the German language course Aussichten A1. Aussichten is a textbook series for adult learners of German as a foreign language. It covers the levels A1 to B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The workbook contains exercises and activities that complement the coursebook, as well as an audio CD and a DVD with additional listening and video materials.

Aussichten A1 Arbeitsbuch.pdf

The workbook is divided into 10 units, each corresponding to a unit in the coursebook. The units are organized into four sections: Wortschatz (vocabulary), Grammatik (grammar), Kommunikation (communication), and Schreiben (writing). The exercises and activities aim to reinforce and practice the language skills and topics covered in the coursebook, such as introducing oneself, talking about daily routines, describing places and people, making plans and suggestions, expressing opinions and preferences, etc. The workbook also offers self-assessment tests after every two units, as well as a comprehensive appendix with answer keys, transcripts, grammar summaries, and word lists.

The audio CD and the DVD provide additional listening and video materials that are related to the themes and situations of the coursebook. The audio CD contains dialogues, interviews, songs, and stories that present authentic and natural language in various contexts. The DVD contains short films that show the lives and experiences of different characters who speak German as their native or second language. The films are accompanied by interactive tasks that test the learners' comprehension and encourage them to reflect on the content.

Aussichten A1 Arbeitsbuch.pdf is a useful resource for learners who want to practice and improve their German language skills at the beginner level. It can be used in combination with the coursebook or independently for self-study. The workbook can be downloaded from the publisher's website or from other online sources .


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